Ready to generate tons of leads, GET NEW CLIENTS, and be empowered AF?

My 3-month lead generation + sales coaching program could be perfect for you!

DoES THIS sound familiar?

You have skills and are badass at what you do, but you don't generate as many leads as you want, have some fears surrounding sales, and are not sure how to best scale your business?

You pour your heart and soul into your business, but lack the sales skills, strategies, or confidence to generate leads and bring in new clients consistently. 

You want coaching and support, but ALSO would love to have someone implement a system that gets you leads on auto-pilot?

You want to work with someone who not only helps you get results faster, but also TRULY cares about you. You want accountability, encouragement, and support through the ups and downs of being a business owner.

What if you could...

– Overcome your fears and blocks around sales. 

– Sell your services in a way that feels authentic, easy and not scary. 

 – Generate leads on auto-pilot.

– Have a sales and lead generation expert support you, coach you, and empower you as you skyrocket your sales skills + confidence? 




In this 3-months program, I will teach you what I’ve learnt by helping companies and clients sell over $20 million of services. I will help you overcome all fears and obstacles that you have surrounding selling AND set up a lead generation system for you on LinkedIn where you get leads on auto-pilot. I commit to providing you insane value + to empower you in your journey to uplevel your business.

Here's what you'll get

PLUS Over $2,000 worth of bonuses


I review your tech stack and make personalized recommendations.

(Value $397)


In this training, I share lead generation secrets that I learnt over my 12 years working in sales and lead generation.

(Value $497)


You'll get free access to all future course I launch for 1 year.

(Value $1997)


Get over $11,000 worth of value at a fraction of the price.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

“Working with Amelie was amazing! She truly is a Sales Queen and understands strategic planning to really make your business profitable and sustainable! While working with Amelie, she was able to understand my business and give me specific strategies that would work for me in order to capture more leads and build connections. I’ve always been shy when it comes to sales, but Amelie’s approach is simple and effective, while still engaging with the human side of sales. She went above and beyond during our time together and is an excellent source of knowledge and experience!”  – ANDREA CECIE, BUSINESS MENTOR + STRATEGIST

“Following just one session with Amelie, I increased my contract value with a client and managed to book a new client! With her strong background in sales and marketing, she also helped me come up with new revenue streams for my business that are aligned with what I love. 
In addition, she provided valuable advice with regards to contracts, prioritising certain tasks, and logistics that significantly eased some of the most stressful aspects of my work. Amelie is not only an expert in sales but is a person who is genuine and that cares. Thank you Amelie!”



I’m a sales expert + business coach who LOVES empowering business owners! I’ve helped companies and clients sell over $20 million worth of services. Now, I help business owners generate leads, improve their sales skills, and implement strategies to get new clients and scale their business.

I take a heart-centered approach to all my coaching and TRULY care about my clients. I combine my 12 years of sales, marketing, and business strategy experience with my highly intuitive nature to help business owners generate more leads, get more clients and feel empowered!




Book a call with me to get all of your questions answered and apply for one-on-one coaching.

“I hired Amelie to coach me on how to find new revenue streams and clients for my photography business. After just one session with her, I feel extremely empowered and much clearer on how to reach my sales goals. She helped me identify multiple niches of potential clients to focus my efforts on and helped me come up with offers, approaches and messaging that are perfectly aligned with my talent and passion. Most importantly, she saw my strengths and created a plan that makes sense for ME. I highly recommend hiring Amelie as a sales and lead generation coach! You will not be disappointed in the very least!.”


“Having Amelie to mentor me while up-leveling by business has been a phenomenal help. She helped me gain clarity on what I wanted, and how I can achieve more joy in my life by freeing up space to work on what is important to me. The value I received has given me the confidence and vitality I need to change my mindset and take on inspired action to reach my goals. I know that by having Amelie to support me, I am able to achieve inner and outer success in a short amount of time. Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions

The investment for the 3-month sales coaching and lead generation package is $5500. This price is valid for June 2020 only.

If you really want to work with me, but do not want to use LinkedIn as a lead generation tool, we can find alternative solutions to help you generate leads on auto-pilot.

Yes, I offer a monthly payment plan of $2,333 per month for 3 months.

Schedule a call with me using this link. You must get onto a call with me before being able to enroll in the 3-month program.

I have helped clients & companies sell over $20 million dollars worth of services and generate thousands of leads. In addition, I have over 12 years of sales, marketing, and business strategy experience. Throughout my career, I’ve lead sales teams, advised multiple marketing departments on lead generation, and have mentored dozens of people. 

I only have 2 spots left for one-on-one coaching at the moment. I take a limited number of clients so if you think this program could be right for you, schedule a call to discuss and reserve your spot.

Yes, I also have an upcoming mastermind program for female business owners ($1997) & a book me for a day program ($997). In certain cases, Schedule a call with me to learn more.

client testimonial

“I highly recommend hiring Amelie to consult on strategy to reach and schedule meetings with your target prospects for 5 and 6 figure deals. Amelie has strong strategic insights and goes above and beyond to help solve challenges.”


“Amelie is an amazing coach! She is a great listener and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She was very encouraging and knew just what I needed to hear and to work on. She understands both the mindset and the strategy of effective selling and gave me a holistic perspective on strategies for my business. Working with her is such a joy – you are in great hands with Amelie!”



I will answer any questions that you have.

“Amelie is so down-to-earth and practical in her approach. She makes you instantly feel at ease and quickly assesses what areas you need to work on and offers actionable strategies for moving forward. She clearly has a wealth of experience in marketing and sales and helps bridge the gap for those of us entrepreneurs who don’t have expertise in this area. Thank you Amelie!”

– STEPH JANZEN, Hypnotherapist, mindset & meditation coach

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